About ICISD 2023

The International Conference on Innovation and Sustainable Development (ICISD) is an aspiring conference organised by the College of Management and Social Sciences, Covenant University, Canaanland, Ota. The conference brings to the fore the convergence of scholars and researchers from the Social Sciences, Engineering, and Business to rub minds in order to foster solutions on issues relating to regional integration, security management, peace and conflict resolution, poverty reduction, scientific resolution and human capital development to mention a few.

The basic aims and objectives of the conference are to:

  1. Bring together the various academics, researchers and scholars from various disciplines to roundtable discussions of common institutional issues in the African region
  2. Address the management of the various environments in all their forms from the point of view of economics, management, finance and social sciences with a view to finding workable solutions for policy formulation from those empirical studies.
  3. Enunciate policy-bearing solutions to key problems of sustainable development in Africa.
  4. Deal with and provide workable solutions to the challenges of climate change and the management of its challenges in Africa.
  5. Address the challenges of the management of integration among ECOWAS countries to bear on the development in the region.
  6. Address the issues of cross-border, cybercrime, money laundering and financial crimes and poverty reduction.
  7. Deliberate on the issues of security, internal conflicts, regional terrorism and other issues that are inimical to human development.


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